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Topic: Update on Bell Shop & a Staff Resignation

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6/2 11:46pm
I wanted to post a quick update on the Bell Shop, and some potential impacts you may notice as a result.

You are all aware that the Devs and myself are working to get the Bell Shop finished and and hopefully released this summer. Recently however, we've encountered some setbacks with some constraints around our newer virtual environments and continuous integration processes. And in order to facilitate some of our rapid development cycle, I have reprioritized some of our hardware resources to support these changes.

Unfortunately this means that there will be some service disruption to ACC. The problems the site may encounter include:

• Loss of avatars
• Loss of other graphics and images
• More inconsistency over different browsers

I expect these issues to affect the site over the next week or so, but it could possibly be for longer. By limiting the main site now, it will enable us to get the main jobs completed quickly, and it will mean that the Bell Shop will be out soon™er. Not only that, but a sacrifice now means that when the Bell Shop opens there will be more items avaliable - especially to Gold Members.

If you'd like to discuss the disruption to the regular service on ACC you can use this thread on the Site Support board. However, if you wish to have more details about how ACC can avoid a resource shortage in the future, feel free to directly contact a member of the ACC Staff.

And speaking of Staff, it is with regret that I have to inform you that iolite will be stepping down this week. She's beginning a new career, and we wish her well.
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