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Topic: What exactly are the feautures in CF?

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10/22/2021 9:58pm
I want to get a copy of CF for my friend who tried my NL last summer and loved it. I know a lot of poeple dislike CF but it can't be that bad. I'm sure it's fine.

So, I would like to know what exactly it is you can do so I know what I'm getting.

Much thanks in advance!
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11/2/2021 8:59pm
Think of it like a remastered version of Wild World. The city allows you to get emotions from Shrunk, change shoes with Kicks, get balloons from Phineas, visit Resetti, buy items from Redd, visit Katrina, change hair at Shampoodles and buy Gracie furniture.

You can design PRO patterns but that only means designing the sleeves. Dresses, hats and sleeveless shirts were added in New Leaf. Other than that, not much else.

All Wii and DS games have had their Wi-Fi services switched off so you won't be able to play together. I'd really recommend they get a 3DS with New Leaf but I can understand if this is not an option.
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10/22/2021 9:58pm
No, a 3DS is really not an option...I already knew that CF didn't have Wi-Fi anymore. I wish a 3DS was an option, but it isn't. However, she did really love what little she played of New Leaf as a secondary characer so I want to get her something.

I haven't played Wild World, but thanks for the info.
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11/11/2016 11:24am
It's New Leaf but.. (the words con and pro are used loosely)


The characters are modeled differently
The graphics look less real
There is no island
There is less bugs, fish, paintings, and fossils
There is no main street
You are not the mayor (so no PWPs or ordinances)
Pelly and Phyllis work in the town hall
Isabelle and Digby don't exist
Less K.K. Songs
Less upgrades for houses
Tommy and Timmy only appear in the last upgrade of Nook's store
Less villagers
No smug or uchi personality types


It is easier to get a "look" for your character due to less customization options
The graphics actually give you nostalgia even if you just got the game
There is a city
Easier to fill your museum because of less stuff you need
You don't have to go to main street every time you need something
It is actually easier to get a perfect town in City Folk
The town hall and post office are fused into one so it's more convenient
Isabelle and Digby are just new versions of Pelly/Phyllis and Lyle so they are still "in" AC:CF
Some K.K. Songs were actually in CF and not NL
Houses cost 1/7 of the cost in NL
Less upgrades for the store
Some villagers were not in NL and actually in AC:CF (like Champ)
Snooty and Cranky villagers are easier to befriend in this game
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12/15/2020 5:13pm
I just restarted my CF town;  I just remembered that you DON'T get the 'encyclopedia' message in CF, and when you go to donate, ALL the items are selectable;  so you can't tell from that which ones you have or haven't donated..... does that make sense?  so, unless you use a checklist;  you'll be running to the museum an awful lot; sometimes for nothing  <:_

Is a 2DS an option?  I got that for my 2 young granddaughters, they love it. They are less
expensive, too.   maybe you can find used; lots of retailers buy previously owned or refurnished ones now (game stop, best buy, walmart) tho you may have to go online.  I also got myself one when my 3ds broke.

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5/10 2:38pm
Other pros for CF is that there are signposts to designate where a villager can move to unlike NL where they plop down wherever they please. It's easier to get hybrids in CF. The convenience of having the Museum in town rather than in the Shopping District. The city where you find Gracie Grace in her own store. Kicks shines your shoes and even changes them if you wish. Lyle has his own place in the City where he featured rooms in the back that fit a theme and it could be on of yours or one of the villagers, or when we had wifi, sometimes a room from someone elses town. The Able Sisters are in town and much easier to visit. You ride a bus to the City, where in New Leaf you ride the train. I kind of miss the conversations with Kapp'n when he drove the bus to the City. The only time you talk to anyone on the train in NL is when Rover talks to you when you first start.
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