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Topic: Changes to Creative Writing Board Rules, Use Of "Identifier" Terms For WiFi, And The Language Filter

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6/25 10:14am
Many members may be aware that over the past several months the Modmin team has been discussing an issue brought up in the Voice Your Opinion thread.  This issue was regarding making a change in our rules and policies to allow same gendered couples inclusion into creative writings on the Creative Writing board.  The board rules have disallowed same gendered couples in stories and fan fiction since October 2012 even though mild romantic content became allowable when those rules were set into place.  It might have also been inferred from those board rules that mention of one's LGBT status or mention of one's same gendered significant other was not allowed on ACC at all, which was not the case.  After much discussion and consideration, the Modmin team are making some changes with regard to those board rules as well as some other related policies as outlined below:

1. The Creative Writing Board Rules, which previously prohibited inclusion of same-gendered couples in fiction writings, have been updated.  Same gendered couples are now allowed to be included in stories on the board.  Do keep in mind that the limits on all romantic content in creative writing has not changed at all.  We recommend that the board rules be reviewed as a refresher.

2. For a long time the words "gay" and "lesbian" have been in the language filter as traditionally they have been used by members in derogatory contexts.  We have removed those words from the filter.  This allows LGBT members to directly identify their orientation in profiles without having to bypass the filter.  Please know that use of these words as attacks, slurs and the like will be treated as flaming or trolling.  Please report any misuse of these words to the Moderators using the icon on the offending content so that we can address it swiftly.  

3. In the past, the Modmin staff has disallowed "identifier" terms for controversial topics, typically religious affiliation and LGBT status, to be used to look for other WiFi partners on the WiFi Lobby boards.  From now on, members may use such identifiers to find other players of a similar world view as themselves for WiFi play purposes only. On a related note, in case members were unaware that this was allowable, you indeed can and probably should inform your WiFi partners of any potentially offensive content they may encounter in your game, e.g. animal neighbors swearing.  Being upfront about such things saves both members time and energy in the end.  If someone is OK to encounter the questionable content, then great. If not, respect the person's decision to not to play with you over WiFi.

Finally, as a reminder, public threads discussing political, religious or LGBT issues are still not allowed despite the changes highlighted above.  Such topics are allowed discussion in PTs as has been practice for many years.  Specifically, threads about coming out, what's your orientation, marriage equality, civil rights cases/abuses, do you believe in God, what's your faith etc. are included in topics not suitable for public board discussion.  

If you have specific questions regarding a thread you would like to post on the public boards but are unsure of it being allowed, please contact a Modmin before posting.  The Modmins will continue to discuss the site rules and monitor these issues as we move forward.  As always, if you have any concerns or comments, you may use the Voice Your Opinion thread on the Site Suggestions board.
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Announcements Board » Topic: Changes to Creative Writing Board Rules, Use Of "Identifier" Terms For WiFi, And The Language Filter

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