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Many of you are already aware that newspaper and magazines threads are disallowed on the public forum boards according to rule 1.14 - Topics Not Allowed.  These types of threads are allowed to operate within PTs, however.  Traditionally the way to advertise such threads have been to post something in your profile and/or signature.  

Many magazine and newspapers now operate like a Service Company, employing many other members of the community as features editors, writers, etc.  So some newspaper/magazines created recruitment threads and subscription threads on the Recruitment and Shops and Services boards respectively.  Some of those threads ended up being locked by the Modmin team as being in violation of rule 1.14 a while back.  

Upon further review and discussion, the Modmin team has decided that owners of PT based magazine or newspaper thread may now use the Shops and Services board to post a subscription thread for their magazine.  If newspaper/magazine owners need help or have open positions within their company, a recruitment thread may be posted on the Recruitment board. The actual publication of the newspaper or magazine must still remain in a PT.  DO NOT post the actual magazine or newspaper on the public boards.  The Modmins will continue to monitor this situation and discuss if necessary any further changes regarding these threads.

If you have any specific questions regarding this, you may use the Voice Your Opinion thread on the Site Support board.  Any specific questions regarding markup or bumping of a service thread should still be posted on the Markup & Bumping thread on Site Support.

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