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Preferred Name: Jimmy

Date of Joining Staff: October 22nd, 2014

Staff Roles: Researcher

Background to Username: Something my father used that I adopted to using as a kid, and it just stuck.

Background to Avatar: Gulliver in AC:GC reminds me a lot of when I wake up in the morning and I'm extremely tired.

Favorite AC Game: Animal Crossing: GameCube

Favorite Color: Navy

Hobbies: Baseball, the outdoors, flying planes, vinyl, and of course video games.

A Little Bit About Me: I've always lived in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and had probably the most average childhood you could think of. Work and friends during the school year, and come summer there would be sports, swimming, and all that fun. I first discovered Animal Crossing when my sister begged to buy the game at Target from the discount rack, even though I labeled it as "stupid" and "not cool". We ended up purchasing it and I've been way more hooked than her ever since. I've played every one except New Leaf since I'm without a 3DS, but I'm looking to change that soon enough.

More recently I've been busy with high school and preparing for college, but I still have my activities that I hang on to like gaming, computers, and all kinds of art. I'm not much of an artist but I really appreciate those who are. One of my favorite things to do is listen to music on my record player, which is more relaxing than it might sound. Oh and I'm color blind, so I apologize if I call something red and it's orange.
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