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11/29/2022 11:40pm
Having spent the last few months making multiple updates I've now created a system where Devs can deploy a smaller number of changes quickly and individually so that we no longer work off a long list, nor do we need to wait for multiple Devs to be available together for a mass update. The Bell Shop will be the first large project that benefits from this system. Over the next few weeks, updates will be deployed for the Bell Shop that will set up the basic structure. Ensuring that the basics are live before creating a usable Bell Shop for the members will ensure that there will be fewer, if any, user issues once it is operational.

One of the first background updates that will go live will be the set up for buying Bucks. The Bell Shop (which isn't its final name) will contain items that can be acquired either through Bells and also contain items that can be acquired exclusively with Bucks. Bells are obtained by clicking on the Bell Ads around the site, whereas Bucks are purchased and will replace the current Donation system. Those who've already donated will keep their perks until expiration of their donation or will have their donations transferred to a Buck amount to allow them to purchase their perks again (will know more which route we take based on complexity of implementing either).

Another change that is taking place is the numbering of the updates. Until now we've made you aware of major updates which were called 001, 001b, 002 and 002b. However, this doesn't truly represent the work that has been submitted and the minor fixes that occur after every release. In reality there have been more updates released. We have therefore decided to adopt a different versioning system and are retrofitting previous releases into the versioning updates released.

Beginning with our next release, we will start from 1.6.0. Patches will increment the last number, while a minor release will increment the middle number. A major release (usually a site-wide overhaul -- these happen very rarely) will increment the first number.

For announcements on patches we will use the ACC Noticeboard, and use the Announcements Board to inform you of minor and major releases.

......And why the Bell Shop really is coming.
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