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6/25/2020 10:14am
In order to streamline the process of auctioning villagers here on ACC, please adhere to the following rules and guidelines to run your auction.


1) Auctions must be run exclusively on ACC.  Do not run the same auction on another website (e.g. Facebook, Belltree etc.) at the same time as your ACC auction.  

2) Auctions must have a stated ending date and time and use 'ACC time', the time found a top every ACC page, as the time reference.  The ending date and time may not be extended once the auction begins.  

3) Please keep all auction activity on one thread.  Do not have a public thread and private thread for the auction of the same villager.  Do not accept bids sent via PT.
4) All bids must be made in bells. If you wish to receive items/villagers in exchange for your villager, please create a trade thread instead of an auction thread.  

Suggested Format

Your thread topic line (i.e. title) should include 'auction' and clearly indicate what is being auctioned.

Example: Auction - Creepy Set with W/F

Your first post should include the opening bid, minimum bid increment and the start-end information for the auction.  You may also include an optional "buy-out price" if so desired.  All terms are defined as follows:  

Opening Bid is the starting bid for the auction.  This is also the absolute minimum amount of bells the seller is willing to accept for his/her item(s)/villager.  Sellers should take care in setting this price as they will be required to sell their item(s)/villager if the opening bid is met.  

Minimum Increment is the minimum amount the next bidder must raise his/her bid.  The minimum increment must be in multiples of 100. 15,001 is not an acceptable bid.

Time is the the start-end date and time of the auction.  If you set the end time as 11:00pm, it technically ends at 10:59:59pm. If a bid has a time stamp of 11:00pm, that bid does not count.

Buy-Out Price is the price that, if offered by a bidder, will immediately end the auction.  It is a way for a bidder to secure the goods of the auction and for the seller to possibly get a price well-above the opening bid price.  Listing of a buy-out price is OPTIONAL.  Not every auction is required to have a "buy-out" price - it is up to the seller if he/she wants to include this option.  

Here is an example of how you could post information for your auction:  

Opening Bid: 15,000 bells
Minimum Increment: 500 bells
Buy-Out Price: 1,000,000 bells (Optional)
Time: Oct 30, 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Sellers, please be reasonable with your pricing.  If no one bids, perhaps the opening bid and or buy-out price is set too high.  In such cases, locking your auction thread and starting fresh with adjusted prices is the way to go.  Bidders are expected to be reasonable and serious in their bid(s).  Do not purposefully post high bids to kill an auction and then retract your bid either before or after bidding has closed.  Doing so is considered trolling and will not be tolerated.  If there are questions regarding these rules/guidelines, please contact a Moderator.  


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