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6/25 10:14am
Today, Monday, June 9th, 2014, will mark the last day that Animal Crossing: New Leaf restrictions for the Giveaways board and the Shops and Services board will be in effect.  That means that tomorrow, Tuesday, June 10th, 2014, there will no longer be any NL restrictions.  The Modmin team want to thank the entire Giveaways and Service Club community for complying with these restrictions for an entire year.  It was not always easy by any means.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  We saw many in this sector of the ACC community come up with many creative ways to promote their companies while adhering to the restrictions.  Kudos to you all

With the end of the restrictions, many are wondering what this will mean for New Leaf Giveaways and Services.  Below are some of the major impacts the expiration of the restrictions will have:

Hybrid distribution - Offers of hybrid flowers will be allowed.  Existing companies may incorporate these into their current offers or new Hybrid Shops and Giveaway companies may be started.  

Non-catalog orderable items - All normally obtained items in NL that are not ordereable from the Nookling catalog will be allowed.  This means tools, balloons, fossils, special event items, Gracie furniture etc. may be offered by companies.

Multiples of non-catalog orderable items - Offers of multiples of any non-catalog orderable item will be allowed.  This means multiples of the same flower, fruit, shell, fossils, balloons, furniture etc. may be offered.  

Items per order limit increased - Up to 100 items per customer request will be allowed for New Leaf items.  

Please remember that each board will still have Rules and Guidelines sticky threads to which all companies must adhere.  Please be sure to review those threads as they will be amended and re-posted on June 10th.  

If you have questions regarding the upcoming changes, you may post in either the Q & A for New Rules and Guidelines - Giveaways or Q & A for New Rules and Guidelines - Shops and Services threads.

Thank you,

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