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10/13 2:34pm
Hello all!

The upcoming Bug Fix update consists of many features, changes and fixes. However, two are of importance and warrant an announcement prior to release.

<font size="2">Board Changes</font>
Since Nintendo have cut off their WiFi network for Wild World and City Folk, the related wifi boards on ACC have been removed from view. These boards are:

AC:CF Trading
AC:CF Wifi Lobby
AC:WW Trading
AC:WW Wifi Lobby

The threads currently on these boards will either be locked or allowed to archive.

We appreciate that there may be some unofficial wifi networks in future and we are currently discussing whether other boards may be used in place of the removed boards. These boards will be part of the upcoming bug fix update.

This update will also see the removal of boards that are rarely used, such as the Town Tunes board. However, we appreciate that some members still have an interest in certain topics and therefore a new General board has been created to replace most of the removed boards.

For now, please use all existing boards normally. We will take care of moving threads onto new boards at the appropriate time.

<font size="2">Markup Changes</font>
As part of the constant security updates, the Developers have had to change the way markup is allowed to work on ACC. This means that if you currently use templates for markup you will likely be affected the most. Below are some examples and quotes from the Developer Team Lead, GoldenCelebi. Please check your templates against the examples provided, and change your templates accordingly.

You will no longer be able to have an opening or closing markup tag without using the corresponding closing or opening tag.

So, your markup templates should [b][i]ideally look like this[/i][/b].

However,  [b][i]this will still work[/b][/i] because each opening tag has a closing tag.

According to GoldenCelebi, the most common issues members will experience are likely to be one of the following:

"1. Markup-sharing
Typically, if people want to share markup with each other, they do it like this:
[b[/i]]This makes bold text![/[/i]b]

That won't work any more, because the [/i] tags that they've added to stop the markup from 'working' have no matching [i] tags. To get it working properly, they'll need to do this:
[b[i][/i]]This makes bold text![/[i][/i]b]

2. Indentation
Sometimes, people try to indent posts or profile entries with the [bl] or [bq] tags. That also won't work, unless the tags are properly closed with [/bl] or [/bq] at the end of the post or profile entry.

3. Making a whole post bold, italic etc.
Like the indentation, it can be fixed by closing the tags properly at the end of a post."

Although the markup changes mostly affect templates, some posts using templates will also be affected - depending on how markup is used. If you run a competition thread or a Giveaway thread, it is possible that your older posts containing markup may not look pleasant once the bug fix goes live. It may therefore be advisable to create new threads once you've ensured your updated markup templates follow the new method.

At present, we don't have a date for when we will go live but we are aiming for this month. Please therefore check your markup and templates as soon as possible.

If you have any queries regarding markup, please ask the Modmins for help on the Markup Sticky located on the Site Support board.
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