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6/25 10:14am
Some DLC (Downloadable Content) items have been making the rounds on ACC and other websites before said items officially have been released by Nintendo.  Powersave allows manipulation of save data for 3DS titles which in turn allows access to event items not normally available in games.  For New Leaf this means some have gained access to, and exchanged items intended for a DLC release by Nintendo.    

After some discussion, the ACC Staff has decided to disallow the exchange of any New Leaf DLC items that have not yet officially been released by Nintendo.  

What this means is that we are asking those who are currently trading, auctioning, requesting, or offering any of the below items to stop immediately.  Please lock your threads, suspend your trades, or adjust your giveaway/shop promotions and/or request-able items.  Over the next few days, the Modmins will be looking over the boards and lock any threads seen to be exchanging these items.  Any threads posted before this announcement will be locked without issue of a notification.  Any thread posted after this announcement that is exchanging/requesting the below items are subject to UL notification.

Once a DLC item has been released by Nintendo, it is then free to be exchanged here on ACC.  Some known availability dates have been included in the list below.  Again, please don't exchange these items until they have been made available via Nintendo.  You may use this announcement to keep tabs on which items are currently disallowed.  We will update this list as needed, so you may want to flag this announcement for future reference.  Certainly, if you have a reliable source that gives a release date, you may contact an ACC staff member and we'll update accordingly.

DLC Items Yet To Be Released
• Gemini Closet - 5/21 - 6/21
• Cancer Table - 6/22 - 7/22
• Leo Sculpture - 7/23 - 8/22
• Virgo Harp - 8/23 - 9/22
• Libra Scale - 9/23- 10/23
• Scorpio Lamp - 10/24 - 11/22
• Blue Argyle Tank - ???
• Kimbap Plate - 10/10/2014 (Korea)
• Red Horned Hat - 6/13/2014 (Korea)
• White School Cap - 5/14/2014 (Korea)

*** Please note that, although the Blue Argyle Tank is unreleased DLC, the Blue Argyle Shirt and Blue Argyle Tee are just normal items and thus free to be exchanged on ACC. ***

Any questions or concerns can be directed to a Moderator or Admin.


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