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4/15/2022 12:15pm
Yes, yesterday's announcement was a prank, and yes we can spell so there's no need to worry about that either.

For those of you who were just annoyed at us, well........ Sometimes things are beyond our control. Sometimes, we've just missed something entirely. It happens. That's life. While we will always endeavour to do our best, sometimes our best may not be up to standard or cannot be adjusted in time for an event.

For those of you who joined in with the chaos, or despite the chaos - well done! Some of you took everything in your stride. Good on you! Some of you were annoyed with the pranks but managed to stay calm, not be vicious, and posted some constructive comments. I was greatly impressed with many of you and your comments. Enough so, that I've saved all of the April Fool threads from Site Support and Site Suggestions and will be discussing with the Modmin team which people should be invited to join us in developing some of the Bell Shop ideas that are still outstanding. Being able to criticise while being constructive is a fabulous talent and I hope all of the invited people will join us to improve ACC further.

So another year over for April Fool's pranks, and with the Devs soon starting Update 003  you will need to post your ideas soon on the Site Suggestions board if you want your ideas to be used for April Fool's 2015.

Then again, we may just be ''super annoying'' and play all the same pranks ''avaliable'' to us...... again.... and again... and again.... What? You think I'm joking?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult ~ Cherbear
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