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10/10/2013 11:18pm
Any stories? Lately I've gotten into resetting and time-travelling a little to get or to get rid of villagers. I was tired of waking up excited to check my campsite, only to find it empty and sad. Not to mention one of only two campers I've ever really wanted was Erik, and I couldn't get him because I had 10 villagers. So I spent around 2 hours resetting for campers. I passed up some pretty good ones like Dotty, Bones, and Poncho but I finally got a camper I was VERY happy with- Rosie! Some notes:

- I did not repeat any campers
- I got 13 campers in 38 resets, so a little better than 1/3. 34.2% to be exact.
- The worst was a streak of 8 resets without a camper, ending in Gloria... ugh
- Certain things don't change whether or not you reset, like flower/weed/dig spot/gem rock placement. They are decided when the game rolls past 6 AM, a new day (probably well known)

In conclusion, I recommend this if you just want a new villager. I wasn't looking for Rosie in particular and actually didn't want a peppy at all, but I really didn't want to keep searching. Besides, who could turn her down?! If there is one specific villager you are looking for, I do not recommend this because you will most likely be resetting for many, many hours unless you have insane luck. Good luck to everyone trying to get a line-up of villagers they love. I am going to take a nap.
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AC:NL General Board » Topic: Resetting for campers » ARCHIVED

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