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2/18 6:30pm
Preferred Name: Tracy or Fire

Date of Joining Staff: July 9th, 2013

Staff Roles: Developer

Background to Username: Well, QueenFire comes from my RPG days of hunting dragons and slaying demons. The 666 is because I'm just soooo good at being bad.

Background to Avatar: Pavé is one of those AC character that is little is known about, so here are some facts. First, he is a dude. Second, he is decked out for Festivale. Third, he gives you the Pavé Series. Which is my all time favorite series!

Favorite AC Game: New Leaf, of course!

Favorite Color: Eminence

- Playing video game - The Sims 3 (Showtime); The Secret World; and New Leaf.
- Building web sites for personal and professional use.
- Hanging out with my furry soul-mate "Patches (the cat)" and my 5yo "Monster (the boy)".

A Little Bit About Me:
Well let's see... I'm 29. Live in NY. Run my own web design business. Love animals, reading, web design, and video games. I'm a Virgo. I have a bunny name "Trixie of the Wild Hair". I never go anywhere without my hotspot, iPhone, iPad and/or Laptop. I love gizmos, gadgets, and whatsits. I am a Trekkie. That about sums me up!
.oOo. Everyday I'm (Shrunk) Shuffling .oOo.
On ACC time! Join a LGBTQ+ Discord: ZefUb5r (18+ only)
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