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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Friend Codes Guide - AC:WW & AC:CF
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%By cmh, aldericon and Boomit

This guide is all about Friend Codes, also referred to as 'FCs'. It is split up into 4 different sections, 'General' which contains the basics of Friend Codes, 'DS/ACWW' which includes all information pertaining to the Nintendo DS FCs and Animal Crossing: Wild World, 'Wii/ACCF' which compromises of all material related to Wii Friend Codes (including the Wii Code) and codes for Animal Crossing: City Folk and '3DS/ACNL' which contains Friend Code in addition to the new Dream Codes. Information for a particular console can be applied to its 'family' - DS information is still accurate for DSis and DSi XLs.



What is a Friend Code?

A Friend Code is a series of numbers and letters that you are issued with each game you purchase (on DS and Wii) and on your console (3DS). By exchanging codes with another person, you are able to connect to each other in-game and do a multitude of tasks using Wi-Fi. At its core, a Friend Code is a simple way to keep your game secure and not interact with people you don't want to.

What do I need to go online?

A high-speed internet connection (Cable or DSL).
A wireless router or Nintendo's Wi-Fi USB Connector

More information can be found here: http://www.nintendo.com/games/wifi

What can I do with a Friend Code on ACC?

ACC has a system that allows you to exchange friend codes with other users on the site. By sending them a 'Friend Code Request' (FCR), you're asking them to share their codes with you. If you accept, you will be able to see each other's codes and be a step close to Wi-Fi'ing. The system is slightly more advanced as after you have exchanged codes, you are able to rate users based on the Wi-Fi experience you had with them. We also have a 'Friend Code Registry' which shows users who are online and eager to play online with others.

How do I add my Friend Code to ACC?

Firstly, click on the My Friend Codes page. Providing you haven't got any games already on the system, you should have an empty page. If you have already added an FC and exchanged codes with others, this is where you will be able to see them. Next, find the button on the right which says Edit. After you click that button, a long list of games which you can add your Friend Code to appears. You can use the tabs on the right to narrow the game down and then use Control+F / Command+F to find the exact game. Then input your Friend Code. If you are adding and Animal Crossing FC, you will need to also select your Character and Town from the drop-down list. Finally, scroll all the way to the bottom and press the Submit button. You are now able to request other user's friend codes.

How do I add request another user's Friend Code?

Browse to the person's profile, a post they have made or find them in the Friend Code Registry. Then click on the blue 'Wi-Fi' button. Optionally add a message saying why they should accept your request and then press the button below to accept it.

How do I rate somebody?

Go onto your My Friend Codes page. Next to each user's friend code, there are 5 empty stars and a comment box. You are able to rate your Wi-Fi experience with the person out of 5 and then optionally add a comment. Press Submit at the bottom of the page and your rating will be saved.

Note: We are aware of an issue where rating does not work for those using the Nintendo Wii console.

Could you give me a list of Nintendo recommended Wi-Fi routers?

If you don't have a wireless router and are looking to purchase one, or are having problems with your current router, check out this page for Nintendo's list of supported routers.  For your convenience, here is a list of routers that Nintendo gave 5 stars, that can be found at Newegg.com:

Belkin F5D7230-4
Belkin F5D8230-4
D-Link DI-524
D-Link DI-624
D-Link DGL-4300
D-Link DI-784
Linksys WRT54G
Linksys BEFW11S4

Disclaimer: This list is for your convenience.  ACC does not endorce or provide support for these products (outside of the support you may get from the community on this board).  As always, please do your research (and get permission, if necessary) before making a purchase.



How do use Wi-Fi?

How do I use WiFi (AC:WW)?

To start, let’s get an idea of what WiFi means. You may have heard that WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity- this isn’t exactly true. In fact, the word WiFi doesn’t mean anything at all! You see, WiFi is actually a name created by a group of people that came together back in 1999 when wireless technology was just emerging. This group, now called the WiFi Alliance, is an organization that certifies products which operate on l IEEE 802.11 standards; basically they are trying to get a majority of electronic devices operating on the same wavelength so that they can communicate and work with each other.

Since then, the term WiFi has become a general term meaning wireless connection, and Wireless Fidelity is just something that was thought up to give meaning to the word WiFi. So, you just need to know that WiFi is a popular name given to a wireless Internet connection.

You might be wondering, if your DS isn’t physically connected to the Internet, how does it work? Well, your DS is connected, just not directly. While online, your DS is receiving radio waves from a wireless router. These radio waves are a lot like the ones that cell phones, televisions, and walkie-talkies use, except the router uses a higher frequency signal. This allows more data to be sent between the router and your DS.

Now that you understand what WiFi is, we can go on to where you can connect. There are different ways to connect (at home, using a wireless router or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, or somewhere else using a wireless hotspot) but what you have to remember is that there is a limit to the area where you can get a signal. The signal only travels so far depending on the signal strength, and for an average router or adapter this isn’t more than 100 feet or so (this number lessens as walls block the signal). With that in mind, we’ll start by trying to connect at home.

If you would rather not have to travel from home to connect with your DS, there are two options. The first is using a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, the second, using a wireless router. Both of these allow WiFi compatible devices to connect to the Internet. The difference is that the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector only works for Nintendo systems; you won’t be able to use it to get an Internet connection on your laptop. Knowing this, the wireless router seems like the much better option; the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector is about $35 and a wireless router isn’t too much more. The only problem with routers is that they can be a pain to install, and some routers don’t work properly with the DS. If you buy the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector however, it’s sure to work with your DS (or your Wii). Information on router compatibility can be found here.

Note: You need a high-speed internet connection to WiFi on AC:WW. Buying a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector or wireless router will not work unless you are using DSL or higher.

If you are unsure whether or not you have a wireless router in your home the easiest thing to do is to use your DS and search for an access point.

Searching for an Access Point
When your DS searches for an access point, it is searching for a wireless network that is within range. It’s possible to have multiple wireless connections within range even if you yourself do not have a wireless router. Someone near you may have a network that you can connect to. While mooching off your neighbor’s WiFi connection may not be the best thing to do, many people have been able to access to WiFi without having to buy any extra equipment. You won’t know if an access point is nearby unless you search for one.

First, we need to get to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup screen. To do so:

On Animal Crossing
1) Start up your DS and get to the Animal Crossing start screen.
2) At the first text box, tap “Other things”.
3) At the second text box, tap “WiFi settings”.

On Other Games
1) Go to the start screen of the game.
2) Find the Wi-Fi settings (usually on the start menu or with the other Wi-Fi menus

You should now be at the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup screen. From here you want to tap the blue Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings button.

You should now be at a screen showing three connection slots. These connection slots save information about the different connections that you use. You only need to set up a connection slot the first time you use a particular connection. So, begin by choosing an empty connection spot.

Once you have chosen a connection slot you will be brought to a screen with three different blue buttons. On this screen you’re given three different ways to set up your connection: you can search for an access point, connect to an AOSS compatible router, or enter in your connection settings manually.

Tap “Search for an Access Point”. After a few seconds your DS will generate a list of access points that are available to connect to. Connections with blue locks indicate that the connection is unlocked or available to connect without having to enter any codes to gain access. A red lock means you will need to enter a WEP code to use the connection, and a grey lock means that the router’s security settings will not allow the DS to connect at all. If the list is blank, then the DS has not found any connections within range.

After you’ve found a connection, tap it and let your DS connect. If successful, your DS will generate a connection settings page for that connection and you’ll be set to go. You can now exit the Wi-Fi Connection Setup area and head back to the main AC:WW screen.

Note: The signal strength is noted to the right of the lock status. The more bars, the better the connection. Low signal strength may cause you to lose connection while playing. If possible try and move closer to the wireless router to get a better connection.

If you want to try and connect using AOSS (AirStation OneTouch Secure System) you’ll need a wireless router made by Buffalo Technology. These routers will have an AOSS button on them, usually on the back. Tap AOSS on the connection settings screen and then press and hold the AOSS button on your router until the AOSS light flashes. Your DS will attempt to connect to the router; you should get a connection successful message and you can head back to the ACWW main screen.

The Manual Setup will require you to enter your router’s connection information manually. You’ll need to enter the SSID at the least, and if your router uses WEP security settings you’ll need to enter your WEP key as well. If you don’t know what an SSID or WEP key is or where to find this information, I would suggest simply searching for an access point and connecting to your router that way.

How do I add a friend to my Friends Roster?

To add a code to your Friends Roster, tap the "up" arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and then tap the heart icon. On the following screen, tap 'Register' and then enter the Friend Code you received from the player you wish to visit or invite to your town.

How do I receive Nintendo letters in the game?

Periodically, Nintendo will send out communications to all Animal Crossing Wild World players. These can be messages from game designers, Nintendo Power staff, and even the president of Nintendo himself. Letters may also contain exclusive items that can't be obtained anywhere else in the game.

If you wish to receive letters and other communications that Nintendo sends out to Animal Crossing Wild World players, pick up the phone in your character's bedroom and select 'Downloads.' Tap through the dialogue until you are asked, "What about downloading letters and bulletin board messages?', and select 'That's fine.'

What do the orange triangles and green circles mean on my Friends Roster

Orange Triangles-
The person you have added has not added you yet.

Green Circles-
That person has added you to their roster, and you have added them.

The triangles and circles are updated whenever you connect to WiFi.

What does it mean when it says that my console and game card are treated 'as a unit'?

The Nintendo WFC ID and the game card are treated as a unit. Because of this, playing your Nintendo DS game card in another Nintendo DS system may override all of your online information saved to the game card, including your own personal Friend Code. Other players with this Friend Code would no longer be able to identify you as an online friend until you provided them with the new Friend Code you would need to generate. We recommend against playing your Nintendo WFC-compatible DS game cards in any one else's Nintendo DS system.

How do I visit somebody else's town?

To visit a friend, go to your town gate in your Animal Crossing game and talk to Copper, say "I wanna go out!", he'll ask you whether you want DS to DS or Nintendo WFC, choose "Nintendo WFC". He will connect to WiFi and show you a list of open towns. You only see the towns of people who you have added, and they have added you. You can only got to their town if they have their gate open.

If you want others to visit you, just talk to Copper and say "Invite Guests"; Copper will open your gate and then people can come to your town.



How do I connect to Wi-Fi on the Wii?

From Nintendo:

"Power on your Wii console and press the A Button on the Wii Remote to reach the Wii main menu. Use the Wii Remote to select the "Wii" button.

Select "Wii Settings" to access the "Wii System Settings" menu.

Using the arrow on the right side of the screen, scroll to page two and select "Internet."

Select "Connection Settings."

Select "Connection 1: None."
If you do not have an empty connection slot, you will need to clear a slot.

Click on "Wireless Connection," then click "Search for an Access Point."

Select "OK." The Wii will display all the wireless networks it finds.

Select the wireless network that is yours.

Asked to enter a security key?
If you are prompted to "Enter the Password or Key," then the wireless network you are trying to connect to has wireless security turned on. You will need to type in your security key or password and select "OK."

Select "OK," "Save Settings," and then "Yes.""
"Install the Wii LAN adapter.

From the Wii Main Menu, select the Wii icon from the bottom left.

Select "Wii Settings" to access the "Wii System Settings" menu.

Using the arrow on the right side of the screen, scroll to page two and select "Internet."

Next, select "Connection Settings."

Select "Connection 1: None"
If you do not have an empty connection slot, you will need to clear a slot.

Select "Wired Connection."

Then select "OK" on the next screen. At this point your Wii console will attempt to make a connection with your wired router."

What it a Wii Code? Can I exchange it to Wi-Fi on City Folk?

A Wii Code is a 16-character (instead of the usual 12) which allows you to do many system-based tasks with friends such as exchanging Miis and sending letters. However, you cannot use it in Animal Crossing or most games to Wi-Fi as each game has its own individual code to exchange. So in a word, no - you cannot use your Wii Code as a Friend Code for other games.

How do I receive DLC items?

During your first bus journey to the city, Rover will talk to you and ask if you want to enable WiiConnect24. If you have selected 'Yes', then you are set. If not then simply go to your attic and talk to Rover on the phone. The DLC items will come in Nintendo letters.

Note: At the time of posting, there will be no more City Folk DLC.

What do those hearts and quote bubbles mean?

Hallow Heart-
If you have a heart that is not colored in, it means that that person has you registered in the game, but hasn’t Wi-Fied with you yet.

Colored Heart-
If you have a heart that is colored in, it means that that person has you registered in the game, and has Wi-Fied with you at least once.

Quote Bubble-
When you first register a friend, you have the option to put a comment about them in there. Most people on ACC have it so when you register them, their ACC username is shown, so you can put there ACC username there, something else, or nothing altogether.



How do I connect to the internet on the Nintendo 3DS

From Nintendo
"Turn on your Nintendo 3DS and access the System Settings by tapping the wrench icon.

Tap "Internet Settings."

Tap "Connection Settings."

Tap "New Connection."

Tap "Manual Setup."

Tap "Search for Access Point."

The Nintendo 3DS will search for any wireless networks within range. Once it is finished searching, it will display the names of all the wireless networks it finds.

Look for your wireless network. (If you're not sure which is yours, or you don't see any wireless networks, click here.)
What to do next will depend on the "lock" icon you see next to your network on the Nintendo 3DS. Follow along below"
No Security
"Tap on your network name, then tap "OK" to save the settings.

Tap "OK" again to begin a connection test.

If the connection test was successful - Your Nintendo 3DS is now connected online."
"WEP / WPA Security - Your wireless network is secured with WEP or WPA and requires a security key.
Tap on your network name, then use the keyboard that appears on the lower screen to enter your security key and tap "OK" when finished.
(If you don't know your Network Security Key, click here.)

Tap "OK" to save your settings.

Tap "OK" again to begin a connection test.

If the connection test was successful - Your Nintendo 3DS is now connected online."

Is it true that there is only one Friend Code for the Nintendo 3DS?

Yes, that's true! When you purchase a Nintendo 3DS, you will be given a Friend Code that works across all games, including Animal Crossing. For that reason, if you want to add a 3DS game friend code to ACC, just add it under 'Nintendo 3DS Code' and it will work.

What are Dream Codes, how are they different to Friend Codes and how do I add mine to ACC?

Dream Codes are part of the new Dream Suite function in New Leaf. You are able to go into other user's towns without interacting with them or affecting their gameplay whatsoever. On ACC, you can add your Dream Code as you would do a Friend Code (see the 'How do I add my Friend Code to ACC?' above). There is also a thread here where you can post other details about your town so people can visit you in the Dream Suite. Like Friend Codes, dream codes are prohibited from being posted on ACC.
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