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6/26/2013 4:58pm
I found a perfect peach, just wondering if there is anything this is used for or whether to just sell it?
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5/14 1:48pm
plant it
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1/2/2017 7:41pm
Plant it, you will get 3 more.  Plant those and soon y'all have an orchard of perfect peaches.  It helps to have a lot so when a townie asks for a perfect fruit, you can give him/her one.
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1/20 4:44pm
What happens if you sell it?  Will another one grow back?
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8/16/2013 7:29pm
Jacama: it's rare for a regular fruit tree to grow a perfect fruit, so if you sell it, it might take a while until one of your trees produces another one. If you plant the perfect fruit, you'll get a tree that always will produce perfect fruit (although sometimes when harvesting the perfect fruit, the tree will die, but you just plant another perfect fruit in that case).

If you happened to sell it, you could ask someone on the trade boards who has the same native fruit as you if you could trade for/buy one.
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2/26/2016 10:03pm
Take it, make an orchard of it, then dig up a good friend who has different fruit than yours and sell your peaches in their town.  You'll make buckets and buckets of money.  I have perfect apples all over my town and pull it nearly a million a week from them.

Perfect fruit is fragile and after so many harvests, a tree will go barren and produce a rotten one.  Just cut the dead tree down and replace it with another perfect fruit.

These are things you'll want to have to maintain perfect fruit orchards.

A stock of axes, at least until you get a gold axe.
A trash can.  Either a community project trash can, or a trash can in your house.
Empty space in your closet.
A good friend with different native fruit than yours.
LOTS and LOTS of perfect fruit trees.
Police station (not necessary but helpful)

When I set out to sell perfect fruit, I made the decision to have no other type of fruit tree to make room for all the apple trees.  I've since planted one of each foriegn fruit tree, but only as decor and in a spot that wouldn't benefit harvesting anyway.  i.e. near paths and flowers and bushes, where they disappear when dropping.

I also buy up axes every time I see them.  I drop them at the southern right corner of the event plaza where temporary sites are errected, thus, sending all the axes to the lost and found where I go in and pluck them out whenever they are needed.  This saves space in my closet.

The trash can is for inevitable rotten fruit that comes from barren trees.  When you harvest regularly, like I do, you'll pretty much get some every time you pick fruit.  Do not despair.  They are easily replaced.  Rotten fruit doesn't stack and looks no different than the perfect ones.  So I leave them on the ground until I've picked all the available fruit.  Then I organize my baskets, fill up all my empty letters and pockets, and put whatever is left into the dresser so I can access the rest through the train station locker in my friend's town.

After I've organized my baskets, I go in and pick up all the rotten apples, using them as a count of how many trees to replace.  I just throw them away in the trash can.  It's the most efficient way as burying them will be tediously done one at a time and selling them at re-tail means paying out of pocket to have them disposed of.

Once rotten fruit is tallied and tossed away, I take some axes out of lost and found, usually two or three will be enough and cut down the barren trees, replacing them with new perfect apples.

It's a lot of work, I suppose, but selling them in a friend's town makes the money worth it.  As I said, I pull it roughly 800 to 900+ a week on them.
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