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3/19/2013 2:39am
I almost feel bad asking this. I have a certain somebody in my town that I really can't stand, and I have tried everything to get her to move; not talking to her, planting pitfalls, etc.

I was just wondering if it's randomized, or if there is a method to the madness. Another reason I wouldn't mind seeing her leave, is that I'd like to experience some of the other characters in the game.
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It can take awhile, but I've done the pitfalls and not talking, but I also whacked the villager with a net that I wanted to get rid of!
Hit them till there's steam coming out of their heads! In this instance, It was Purrl I was trying to get rid of. I had planted pitfalls all in front of her house, and she still managed to get outside! I tried not talking to her and running the opposite direction whenever she wanted to talk to me, or if I forgot and she asked me to do something, I refused. I even went so far as to whack her with my net untill she was so furious that steam was coming out of her head. She'd be mad for 20 min. or so! I didn't know they could be so mad that long! LOL!
It took about a week and a half until she told me she was moving. Of course, I encouraged her! This Purrl was so mean that she had all of my villagers complaining about her meanness the very first day she was out and about! She had to go!
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4/6/2013 10:15am
I'm having the same problem in my town with one villager. I've done everything y'all have mentioned, but he just won't leave. Instead, I had another villager move, who I actually DID talk to & write letters to & kinda liked, another one mentioned moving & decided to stay (x_x), & now another one is getting ready to move.

It seems that everyone wants to go except the one I WANT to go.
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