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3/14/2013 7:21am
On Tuesday Sahara came to my town. I spoke to her and she said she would decorate my house if I gave her 3000bells. I then escorted her to my home and she came in.

Looking at the decor she decided what to do and I had to step out. There was then a short cut scene as my character stepped out and lots of thumping noise occured. Sahara stepped out and asked me to take a look. My character walked into their house and saw that the wallpaper and carpet had both been changed. I gave 3000bells to Sahara and she returned my older wallpaper and carpet.

It seems to be random what wallpaper and carpet is chosen. I got yellow spots carpet and black and white striped wallpaper. (Picture to follow. ) I'm sorry to say but a snooty character robbed me of my wallpaper as I walked around with it and say "yes" to her cheap price and she yoinked it out of my inventory. I forgot the old rule of never walking around with any rare items.

Pictues to follow...
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6/26/2013 5:32pm
ah...I like it! better then running around for stuff for her.
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AC:NL General Board » Topic: Sahara in New Leaf » ARCHIVED

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