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11/26/2021 4:19am
Preferred Name: Hatake (haaa-tah-kay) or Gretchen

Date of Joining Staff: November 10 2012

Staff Roles: Developer

Background to Username: My username is a combo of two things, Hatake and Sage. They are from my two favorite characters, Kakashi Hatake from NARUTO and Raine (Refill) Sage from Tales of Symphonia.

Background to Staff Avatar: I absolutely adore cats, so Katie was my first choice. I also adore Pelly and love changing the background of my avatar to something vibrant and happy.

Favorite AC Game: AC: New Leaf

Favorite Color: Lilac

Hobbies: Drawing, singing, animation, reading, studying, webcamming and playing video games.

A Little Bit About Me: I live near a little city called Kalamazoo. Its a fun city!

* I used to be in a choir for over ten years. I was in an honors chorus as a first soprano.
* I was in beauty contests as a child. I won many, including state princess one year.
* I like to watch Ghost Adventures, and spend my time taking care of my pets.

Honestly though, most about me is that I love to travel. My dream since I was young was to see the world, and thats just what I've done. I've been to many places so far since starting my journey in Jan 2012. Here are some cities I have been:

x Chicago, IL
x Detroit, MI
x New York City, NY

x London
x Liverpool
x Manchester

I will be visiting both Dundee and Glasgow, Scotland in 2013 for a month, I am very excited for this trip. Check out my profile for more, and feel free to drop me a line!
[b][color=mediumpurple]Hope your 2021 is amazing![/b][/color]
[b][color=DarkOrchid]I'm from Scotland! (+5 ACC)[/b][/color]
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