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7/8/2014 5:54am
Welcome to the AC:3DS General Board.

As we get closer to the release of the 3DS version of Animal Crossing, we've decided to open up the General Board for the Community to use because the Stickies we've provided thus far, no longer suffice.

Please don't crowd this board with duplicate threads as those will be locked by Modmins. We'd like to see only one thread for each feature in the new version of the game. So, one thread about flowers, one thread about outdoor furniture, one thread about items from Timmy and Tommy, one thread about home decorating, one thread about being a Mayor, one thread about swimming, and so on. To start you all off, the Staff have created some threads ready for you to use. You are free to create other threads but make sure you've checked that the topic isn't already covered.

Please also bear in mind that some topics do not belong on this board:
• Discussions solely about characters and villagers should go on the Character Discussions Board.
• Discussions about patterns in the new AC:3DS game should go on the patterns discussion Sticky which is on the Patterns Board.
• 3DS Giveaways should go on the Giveaways Board and Services should go on the Service Clubs Board. Please do not offer items for this version of the game until the game has been released.
• Trading and Wifi topics or services shouldn't be on this board. Any topics belonging on either of these boards will have to wait until the new Trading and Wifi boards are released in a future update.

Finally, please don't flood us with PTs about the title of the board as this is subject to change as and when required.

Thank you.
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AC:NL General Board » Topic: Board Rules - Please read before posting

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