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6/2 11:46pm
We are pleased to announce that the bug fix update that was required after Features Update 1, is now completed and live.

Along with bugs that needed fixing, the Devs also added in a few amendments required for the Home Page and the guides. In addition, there are also three bonus features for the Community to thank you for your patience.

Here is a list of items that are now live:

All Games - Town Fruit - Fruit selection can now be amended.
Fixes - 12 x bug fixes were made.
Friend Code Requests - Expiration - Friend Code Requests that are more than 14 days should now expire.
Friend Codes - Fix - The mass accept/reject FCRs feature no longer shows a list of user IDs after executing the action.
Guides - Faces - Information for the GC girl characters was corrected and centred.
Guides - Fishing - In the CF guide, it now states that a Giant Snakehead is found in a river.
Guides - Redd's - For CF added ''Serene Painting'' to the page.
Guides - Snowman - For the CF & WW shared Snowman guide, removed the ''CF Only'' part.
Guides - Tools - Golden shovels information corrected in WW. Also corrected a typo.
Guides - Villagers - WW villagers page now mentions WW instead of CF.
Guides - Villagers - In the CF page, Kitty added and Gigi's birthday amended. In the WW page, Clyde removed and in all game guides, Alfonso's catchphrase was amended.
Home Page - Text - Developer advert added to the Home Page.
Home Page - Wild World Guide - In the section dealing with the guide for Wild World, the ''W'' in the ''world'' is capitalized.
My Towns - Prevented town time from clearing.
New Members - Posting - New Member restrictions have been fixed.
Nomination Forms - The new versions of the nomination forms for Scouts and Moderators, now allow adding a username to the title.
Profile - Wifi Button - Removed mention of DS in the text that appears when hovering over the Wifi button.
Private Threads - User Tickets - User Ticket system for PTs is now functioning correctly.
Quick Markup - Amended so that HR, Color and Link options are added where the cursor is. Also removed text from the color button to enable text to be wrapped.

Usernames - In posts, auto-link usernames to their profile by adding an @ before the name.
Left Margin - Hosting Game - The time you can set for hosting a game has now been extended.
Boards/Forums - Threads - Alternating colors for rows so that it's easier to see thread titles and other information pertaining to each row.

As before, there may be unexpected issues so please report them in this Sticky on the Site Support board.
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