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7/8/2014 5:54am
A new trailer for Animal Crossing 3DS was released at today's Nintendo Direct Conference. Nintendo has confirmed that the game will be launched in Europe in the first half of 2013. There is no news about a release date for Northern America.

Nintendo's Satoru Shibata said: "In order to provide the best end result and give fans the quality they expect from Nintendo, we can confirm today [this] title will now be launching in Europe in the first half of 2013. We are sorry you will have to wait a little longer but we hope you understand our desire to ultimately deliver a game fans will love."

The game adds swimming, extra village and household customisation options and the chance to dress up in Legend of Zelda costumes.

It also contains StreetPass functionality, enabling players to view houses and towns from other users.

The video below provides a (spoken) translation from Japanese to English. Thanks to BowserBasher for finding this video.

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