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6/25/2014 8:25am
Please remember to always use the FC Trading Tool to swap codes for WiFi Games. Also please remember that FCs are not to be posted on any public thread.

If you are playing a game that had not been added to the FC Trading Tool, please suggest it be added on this thread on the Site Suggestions Board. Once it's been suggested & until it's actually added to the FC Trading Tool, you may post the FC in Private Threads only.

There will be some games that we can't add to the Trading Tool. As such those FCs are also only allowed to be traded in PTs. Currently the only codes that we know of to fit this description are:
Mario Kart 7 Community Codes (these use 14 digits in the format of xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)
Moster Hunter Tri (these use a 6 digit hexadecimal code)

Pokemon Friend Rescue codes (which are not actual FCs but specific codes generated in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series) are allowed to be posted in public on this thread or in PTs with the rescuer.
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