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4/15/2022 12:15pm
Last weekend, one of the new features introduced was the ACC Noticeboard. We've given it a week to see how many in the Community would use it, despite the fact that we provided very little information about it. We are pleased to see that we've received quite a few responses and seen daily activity. We will therefore be forging onwards with our planned additions to the ACC Noticeboard, which will see more Community involvement and less usage of the Announcements Board for certain types of announcements.

The Noticeboard is currently basic but can still be used to notify the Community of events and updates which may be of interest. It also allows the Community to follow, respond and vote on some notices. We are very aware of the current limitations and have already got many plans underway to add other features. All of these ideas will be available to read about when the work list thread appears soon on the Site Suggestions board.

Receipt of notices on the ACC Noticeboard are intended to be optional which is why we've introduced it without automatic alerts in the first update. Part of the next update will include ACC Noticeboard alerts and you will also be able to opt out of receiving some or all of them. Until then, you will need to regularly check the ACC Noticeboard to see if there are any new notices that you wish to follow, comment on or vote on. To access it, please use the link in the AC Community section of the left margin.

The announcement of Pattern Competitions has partially moved to the ACC Noticeboard but please bear with us while we work to move it completely across. Future updates will not only allow for us to include images on the ACC Noticeboard, but will also allow us to show larger image sizes for contest entries. For now, we will still use the Announcements Board as we have done in the past.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to adding new features to ACC and the ACC Noticeboard, all of which we believe will benefit the Community.

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