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11/29/2022 11:40pm
I'm pleased to announce that the Developers have successfully added some new features to the site. I'd like to firstly thank you for your patience while the new Researchers and Developers settled into their role and worked on the features. There were a few technical and unforeseen delays with equipment but that shouldn't be a regular issue in future.

The Developers have worked on quite a few features and many have been listed below. However, please bear in mind that there were some items required by the Staff and also some items that needed fixing so the following list doesn't truly represent how much work has been done by the team.

Here are the new features and updates for your benefit:

My Towns
• Fixed the fruit selection in the My Towns page.
• Added some missing townie pictures in the Town Residents section of My Towns.
• Removed the option of selecting acres for residents in CF as CF maps will be worked on separately.

Profile & FCRs
• New avatars have been uploaded.
• Profiles now have a preview button.
• Profiles now show date stamps when edited.
• Friend Code Requests can be accepted and rejected in bulk.
• Friend Code Requests not responded to, will now expire after 14 days.
• There is a larger choice of countries in the User Bio Info section of the profile.
• Enabled the use of spoiler tags in the Other Stuff About Me section of the profile.

Posting, Threads & Boards
• Updated the Halloween emotes.
• Board descriptions were updated.
• Error messages have been redesigned.
• Strikethrough markup has been added.
• The male ''smile'' emote has been updated.
• People can now be added to PTs more quickly, using a comma.
• In pages where there is a Forum column, the board names are now links to those boards.
• You can now move your text further into a post by using the space bar rather than spoilers.
• The Submit button for posts is now disabled while the post is submitting to prevent double posting.
• Quick Markup buttons were added above the text box. An explanation of how to use them is in the link located to the right of the buttons.
• There is a Community Notice Board which is separate to the Announcements board and will be used for competitions and other ACC activities including voting. Receiving the announcements on this board is optional.

• Spring banner was fixed.
• Eleven bugs and glitches were fixed.
• Winter banner was fixed but another update will follow.
• There is a new heading called ''Alerts'' in the left margin.
• The ACC Wifi section in the left margin can now be minimised.
• Denied user tickets have new wording for the automated messages.
• A link to the Bell Shop page was added in the AC Community section of the left margin.
• The Bell Shop page was added in preparation for items being added in the next two updates.

Staff related
• There is a Site Owner icon.
• Developers were given an icon.
• Researchers were given an icon.
• The Scout static page was updated.
• The Moderator static page was updated.
• A static page for Developers was added.
• A static page for Researchers was added.
• The Administrator static page was updated.
• Eleven pieces of other staff related work was completed.

As part of these changes, more stickies will be created shortly on the Site Suggestions and Site Support board. Update: you can go here for questions and help.

Finally, I'd like to thank the ACC Staff who have all participated in various ways to ensure the success of Project Reboot. Well done everyone!
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