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5/8/2012 9:23am
Just curious does it actually matter what you write in the letters to get a good reply/gift back. I've sent quite a lot of letters to all of my neighbours all different and quite long with a gift and some replied without any gifts.

Not sure if it's a chance thing.. or is there actually a good way to get a good gift from a neighbour? Also, is there a quicker way to send a bunch of letters out as typing a long letter can take quite a while.

Thank you
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12/4/2017 1:13pm
1) you have to send them something to get a gift back. I like to throw seashells into my letters for that purpose. My boyfriend is more sinister. He sends them garbage. You don't have to do that. lol

2) Animals recognize things in small sentence form. But it has to be a sentence per line. It can't spill over onto the next line or else they won't recognize it as an independent sentence. And depending on how many lines they recognize of your letter will depict what you get back from them. I believe one or two lines is a piece of fruit, 3 lines is a piece of furniture, and 4 lines is wallpaper/carpet (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

This is the kind of thing I write if I want a big hit of a letter back.

Hello ____
How are you?
I want you to have this.
Take care.

Works every time. But if you want to abbreviate the letter to one simple line, I do "I want you to have this."-- it gets the point across.

I hope that helps.
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