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11/29/2022 11:40pm
The latest issue of ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine), a Nintendo magazine in the UK, features a four-page preview of Animal Crossing 3DS.  The feature contains some minor new details, though most of what is included has already been made known.

Comparing the article w/ the information we already have, here are the new bits of info I found:

- It lists the ETA as Summer of 2012, though this may just be their speculation as I don't believe Nintendo has set an official ETA at this point.

- The secretary character resembles a dog. Interacting w/ her is said by the developers to be one of the game's highlights. She will help point out the better parts of your town, and which ones need improvement.

- The town (now much bigger) will be broken into several separate sections - main village, beach, mall, and model homes.

- The mall and model home sections are across the railroad, and the mall will feature many new shops vs. AC:CF.

Overall, it sounds more and more like this may be the "big step" everyone has been hoping for in a new Animal Crossing, instead of what some consider only incremental updates between the current titles.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post updates of AC:3DS news as we hear about it.
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