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11/29/2022 11:40pm
A 10-minute video has been posted on Youtube featuring an interview between developers of the next Animal Crossing game, coming soon to Nintendo 3DS.  In the interview, several new details were revealed on Nintendo's next installation of our favorite franchise.

See the video yourself for the full details.  

Or, for those wanting to get straight to the goods, here is a brief summary of the discussion:

- You will become mayor of the village.
- You decide the type of mayor you want to be -- you could be a bad mayor if you want.
- Clothing is separated between tops and bottoms -- girls can wear pants, boys can wear skirts.
- You can decorate your town w/ benches and lamps to add character to your town.
- The town and beach are larger now.
- Animal characters are now more realistic in size -- i.e. squirrels are much smaller than bears.
- As mayor, there is a new secretary character that supports you.
- Furniture can be made at the furniture shop -- patterns can be applied to furniture.
- Can change the exterior -- walls, fence, sign posts -- of your house (maybe patterns can be applied?).
- StreetPass allows the exchange of home designs -- these appear as model homes in your town, and Nook serves as real estate manager for model homes.
- Music continues to have same charm as other AC titles.
- Release date is still "a little way out".
- Video closes w/ Totaka-san, the creator of all AC music, playing a K.K. Slider song.
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