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6/19/2013 3:31pm
I was playing ACWW before and I was about to go into Nook 'n Go, when I hear the sound of and see Gulliver's UFO. By that time I was already entering Nook's. I was SO mad, and by the time I finally got out of there, the UFO was gone!

Anyway, I was wondering how often he comes. I know it's completely random, but is there a certain amount of days/months before the UFO will fly over my town again? Maybe you can tell me from personal experience?

Oh, and if you have any Gulliver stories like mine that have happened to you, let me know!

Also, on a completely different note, Pascal came to my town yesterday (Tuesday). First of all, he didn't give me anything when I spoke to him! He just swam away. Second, will he be back every Tuesday from now on?
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First question, he can come a month to a day. It depends, just keep an eye out.

No he will not come every Tuesday, he will only come on days no other special characters are there. Same with Gulliver. It is completely random.
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3/30 3:58pm
gulliver and pascal will not show if another character is in town.
gulliver will usually come once a week.
between 11am till 10pm.(i think)
Pascal..hes more difficult..he come randomly.
just talk to pascal and ask him for advice...or whatever he has to say.
if your pockets are not full,then he'll give you somthing.
Dragon..Hula Key.MoonWolf..Camp Tao.
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