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6/25/2014 8:25am
Nintendo announced the US release date for the 3DS today of March 27. The price will be $249.99.

Nintendo's European launch date is March 25. The European price has not been set but will be different between retailers. A quick look at amazon.co.uk shows a list price of £229.99 with a pre-order price set at £219.99.

According to the Nintendo sites, there will be two colors: Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue

The Points system that is in use for DSi & Wii will not carry over to the 3DS. Instead of points, you'll pay for your 3DS shop purchases with a credit card. This will make getting exactly what you want easier & will mean you won't have points just sitting around doing nothing until something of interest comes out. For those nervous about using a credit card directly on the 3DS, you will be able to buy prepaid cards (similar to the Wii/DSi points card) at local retailers.

One of the standard features of the system will be the System Transfer which will let you transfer some games purchased from the DSi shop directly to your 3DS. Of course, not all games will be able to transfer. All 3DS games purchased will be able to be transfered to a different 3DS system.

Nintendo has also removed game-specific Friend Codes from the 3DS titles. Instead, all games with WiFi capabilities (like the upcoming Animal Crossing 3DS game) will use a single  Friend Code that is tied directly to the 3DS system. This will make swapping Friend Codes for new release titles very easy on ACC as there will be no need to enter a new code for every different game that comes out.

The full press release for the launch date can be found on the Official Nintendo News and Updates thread - US version

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