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6/17 4:39pm
Share your strange dreams here!

I had this really strange dream that seemed like something from a movie.  I got a letter from some religious person saying that I had killed 10 people and I had to prove that I didn't or else a bunch of bad things would start happening to me.  I was surprised because I knew I didn't kill anyone because I'm a really good person and wouldn't hurt anything, but my parents had a strange look on their face.  I asked them, and my mom rambled something about my dad and his brother and how they fought a lot and something similar happened to them.  I thought it was a joke, until a member of my family died.  He had perfect health and was still young, but he had a heart attack.  I knew it wasn't a joke.  I asked my parents if I killed someone, and they pointed to a graveyard behind my house (I don't have one in real life).  Then, my mind went back to when I was really little, before the graveyard was there.  I remembered the time when there was a TV tower there (not in real life again).  I decided to climb it, and my parents saw me.  They tried to get me down, but I climbed more.  Suddenly, I hit a weak spot and the whole thing fell down.  It hit a church (there is one in real life), and people died.  I didn't get in trouble, but people remembered and they built a graveyard there to remember those people.  I was only 6 at the time, and I didn't try to.  I had to prove that I wasn't responsible before anything worse happened.  Then, I woke up and ruined the dream.

Sorry that was extremely long.  Anyone knows what it means (other than that I need more sleep)?
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1/5/2013 6:19pm
someone (family,friend,etc.) will die because of a heart attack.if you know them you will have 3 days to change that.if you dont know them or forgot all about them they will die and nobody can change that.

i got that from a dream meaner site...hope i helped
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