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2/28/2015 6:46am
With such a large site as ACC, it's common knowledge that there are many things to be unfamiliar with at first. The Staff, SIC, and members have worked on creating areas around the site that provide a large quantity of answers and information.

If you're a bit confused, posting on the site support is an easy solution to get some help. Chances are though that we've already got an answer for it somewhere on the site! Below is a list of areas you may want to check out if you're curious about how ACC works and/or have a specific question.

ACC help
-This is ACC's grand library of knowledge, facts, question answering, you name it. This is the best place for help. Use the categories and subcategories to find exactly what you're looking for.

About ACC
-On the Left sidebar, below "My ACC" and "AC Community" is a section with various links to
pages such as the rules, the staff, and even the FAQ that can be found under "ACC Help" as well.

Sticky threads
-At the top of each forum board you will find a mesh of threads that have been stickied. Stickies can mean one of two things; A topic is so popular that an official one has been made by the staff to hold all of this subjects discussions, or, a thread is deemed helpful and thus stickied so others can find it easily. Before you make a thread next time, check out the stickies and see if it contains what you're looking for first.

If looking in those places, you still cannot find what you are looking for, then you may post a thread on the relevant board.
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