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Topic: ACC Policy Regarding "Hacking" Threads

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6/28 10:47pm
The staff have come up with the following policy regarding threads that discuss "hacking" in AC:CF.

We WILL allow threads and PT's that discuss the pros and cons of hacking, the results of having a hacked town, items received from hacking, etc. However, as with all threads here, we will immediately lock those not conforming to the site rules (i.e. flaming, language, those created to offend other members, etc). It MUST be a civilized discussion.

We WILL NOT allow threads and PT's that discuss how to hack AC:CF itself, nor will we allow members to link to any site that discusses this topic. We will not allow anywhere on the site (whether it be threads or PTs) trading of hacked items. As with our policy on Universal Codes (UC's) for AC:GC, this is due to the potential damage to the game, game data, or hardware that may result from hacking. Any threads of this nature will be immediately locked.

We reserve the right to update/amend this policy at any time, so check back here before you post.

If you have any questions, feel free to PT any member of the staff!
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