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11/29/2022 11:40pm
There are features at ACC that are institutions. When they are not there, it can be felt. While some staff members can be described like that, it's the services offered on the Giveaways & Service Clubs boards that really have that potential. Johntown327's Unlimited Giveaway (or as most people refer to it - JUG) is one of those services. From it's re-beginning on January 2, 2004, JUG has steadily grown into the most recognized leader of the services at ACC. It started off offering a revolutionary 1 ACGC item to everyone everyday while the other giveaways were offering 1 item to everyone without allowing return visits. JUG changed the way giveaway threads operated.

Over the years, Johntown327 expanded his giveaway to offer more items more often as well as services that brought the focus back to the giveaway thread. The contests and quizzes got more people to come to the giveaway thread as the prizes were extra items than the standard request. With the advent of WiFi & the release of ACWW, JUG began to expand into offering services that were impossible in ACGC. The Landscaping, Floral, Clothing Design & Interior Design services not only could get more people interested in JUG, but it could also bring more people to the heart of JUG - the Giveaway thread.

During these last 5 years, JUG inspired many others to start their own giveaways. Some threads are no longer on the Giveaways board & some remain. Those who remain, have the greatest of opportunities open to them now. It's the quality and consistency of service that JUG offered that you have to aspire and without JUG to show you the way, you must remember to keep your focus on what is most important - the customers who visit your thread. By making sure that everyone who comes to your thread to use your service is satisfied with the service, you too can grow like JUG did from an acorn consisting of a single giveaway thread on a single board to being a great Oak tree with branches that span the Services Boards of ACC.

While it's sad to see JUG closing its doors, it will leave a great big hole on the giveaways board that can and will be filled by the other threads on the board. It will take time & the work won't be easy. The legacy that JUG leaves behind will continue to inspire others. This spirit of helping our neighbors whether they live in the same country or half way around the world that makes the Giveaways and Service Clubs Boards the heart of ACC.
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