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These are the rules for posting on the Service Club Board.  Threads not following these rules will be locked. (Updated portions in bold)

• Clubs must be service-driven, offering helpful services to non-members -- no violent clubs or warring clans! This is Animal Crossing, not World of Warcraft!

• Clubs should consist of 2 or more positions/people. 1 person doesn't make up a club.

• These services must be offered to out side parties. Your services need to be for more than just Members only.

• Clubs cannot make mention of other clubs in their posts -- this will only lead to flaming.

• Each club is allowed two threads -- one for posting staff and recruiting members, and one for advertising/requesting their services. If your Service Club is a store or shop, please post the shop on the AC:WW Trading board or the AC:CF Trading board (The recruiting thread should stay on the Service Club Board).

• Those trying to form clubs can post one thread to recruit members.  Once you have recruited enough members, you can create the second thread to advertise and allow requests for your service.

• If your service is a Giveaway/Contest Service, you are allowed one advertising thread on either the Giveaway/Contest board, or the Service Club Board.  You can not create an advertisement thread on each board.  However, you are still allowed the second staff recruit thread on the Service Club board.

• Please make sure to post what services are offered by your club and what positions are in your club. If you don't include this your thread will be locked. You may make another thread if you will include the correct info.

• Services need to be the central 'theme' of your club. Example: You can't have a Jedi or Ninja club that does a service every so often just to justify yourself. However, you can be a weed picking club that instead of calling yourself gardeners you're masters and apprentices.

• If you have a store or are just selling items please post it on the AC:WW trading board or AC:CF trading board.

• No 'Wedding Services' - ACC is not the place for romance, even pretend, and any threads that offer these types of services will be locked under the 'Online Romance' rule.

• Please, no "Profile Pets", "PC Pets", "Profile Art" shops or other types of "shops". If you want to provide a service that is not related to Animal Crossing, post something in your profile and signature and ask members to PT you if they are interested.

• All other board rules apply.

• These rules are subject to change, so check back often.

If you have any questions about these rules, post them on the Site Support board.

Examples of allowed services:
- Giveaway/Contest Services: clubs that hold giveaways/contests and deliver items to members
- Landscape Services: clubs that pick weeds, and plant/prune trees and flowers
- Scavenger Hunt Hosts: clubs that hide items and leave clues for finding them
- Pattern Design Services: clubs that accept requests for pattern designs, and deliver them to members

[b]Please Remember that a Hotel with only one operator is not a service CLUB. It takes more than one person to make a club.
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Giveaway and Service Club Guidelines/Reminders for Posting Information and Use of Special Characters

The ACC staff has decided to put into place some guidelines that all members of Giveaways and Service Clubs should follow when posting information on these threads.  These guidelines will reduce the number of thread bumps that are seen in many of these threads.  We want to also remind you about the use of special characters in thread titles.  

1. Promotional ads are still allowed to be posted on these threads.  However, only 1 ad per promotion may be posted per day. More than one ad per promotion in a day's span will be counted as bumping of the thread.

2. Giveaway/Service Club information is still allowed to be posted.  However, please only post information that has been updated.  Do not post outstanding orders lists, staff rosters etc. that have not changed since the last time they were posted.  Any such posts that do not give updated information will be counted as bumping of the thread.  

3. In the past, the ACC staff has not been vigilant in removing special characters from Giveaway/Service Club thread titles.  That will no longer be the case.  Please remember that adding special characters to thread titles to draw attention is in violation of rule 2.6, Drawing Excessive Attention.  Please do not use these characters to decorate thread titles.  


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New Rules will be posted soon.

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