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12/13/2020 3:45pm
I've received a number of requests about having the rules of a Werewolf game posted in a sticky thread. Here they are so that people who want to run one, do so correctly, and people who want to participate know what they are supposed to be doing.

These rules were originally posted by amarriner when he started the first game
"Each player is a villager in the town. Two of the villagers/players are werewolves, and every night they eat one of the non-werewolf players. No one else knows who the werewolves are. Then the next day, the village panics and chooses a player who they think might be one of the werewolves and "banish" them from the town. This continues until either all the villagers are gone, or both the werewolves are gone. One of the villagers also has a special power. They're called a Seer. Once every night (after the werewolves go) they can determine whether a villager of their choosing is a werewolf or not.

That's the basic rules. Here's how it will go here at the board. The first round is the night round, and one werewolf will PT me the villager they choose to eat. Then I'll post to the group telling who is gone. Next, I'll PT the Seer and ask who they want to use their power on, and I'll tell them the result.

After that, the daytime comes around and everyone will vote for who they think is a werewolf. I'll set a deadline of a day or two, and once that deadline is up I'll count the votes, and remove whoever got the most votes from the game (whether the villagers were right or wrong). Villagers can change their votes up until the deadline, and discussion is encouraged, and advised since you don't want to be the one voted out! Don't let people vote for you! Talk it up!

Once that's done, the next night starts, and the cycle repeats. I'll need about 18 players for this. I'll give a prize of their choice to the surviving werewolves, or the surviving villagers, whoever wins."
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