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9/16/2017 1:33pm
Many people are asking for certain non-tradable items on the Trading Board.  Please do not ask for these items, since the only way you can get them are by earning them, or with a uni-code (which is a no-no on ACC).  If you need help about how to get these items in Animal Crossing, ask for help on the the AC Game Board.  Any threads on the Trading Board asking for non-tradable items will be locked.

Non-tradable items include items you get from:
• Tortimer
• Gullliver
• Wendell
• Gracie
• Saharah
• Jack
• Jingle
• Snowman
• Franklin

As well as:
• fossils
• fish
• insects
• gyroids
• bells
• turnips
• pitfalls

And these NES Games:
• Clu Clu Land D
• Donkey Kong Jr.
• Donkey Kong 3
• Soccer
• Punchout
• Ice Climbers
• Mario Bros.
• The Legend Of Zelda
• Super Mario Bros.

For more information on the non-tradeable NES games, please see the NES FAQ thread on the NES Games Board.

You can search the Items Section of the site to see if an item is tradable.  If it does not have a price, it is not tradable.  Also, you cannot add non-tradable items to your Wish List.  Also, any items that say "Not for sale" in your Nook catalog, you cannot trade these.

Thanks to NintendoFreak for supplying the info and pointing out that all users on the Trading Board need to know this info.
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