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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - for Nintendo Switch (Releasing March 20, 2020)
The long-awaited fifth localized main game in the franchise is on the horizon. Animal Crossing: New Horizons places the player on a deserted island. Build amenities, craft items, place furniture outside, and more as you develop the island. Stay tuned as more information is revealed as the launch date grows closer!

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - for iOS & Android mobile devices (Released 2017)
Experience the forest life on your smartphone in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the first game in the franchise for mobile devices. Decorate your campground and help out villagers in need to create your own bustling forest hangout.

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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival - for Nintendo Wii U (Released 2015)
Scan compatible amiibo of your favorite characters and play a virtual board game in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, the second spin-off in the franchise. Travel around the board and collect the most Happy Points to win!

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - for Nintendo 3DS (Released 2015)
Put your home decorating skills to the test in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer! As an eager employee of Nook's Homes, it's your job to decorate interiors and exteriors of homes for a variety of villagers in this spin-off. Utilize familiar and never-before-seen items along with new design tools for the next level of customization!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - for Nintendo 3DS (Released 2013)
The fourth localized main game in the franchise, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, utilizes the best aspects of its predecessors and features numerous changes and additions to the Animal Crossing format. Take the mayor's chair in order to customize your town just the way you like it and don't be afraid to share it with others via the Dream Suite. In your off time, take a boat ride to the local island and even meet up with others. If that isn't enough, the Welcome amiibo downloadable update released in 2016 provides a plethora of new items and villagers along with amiibo functionality!

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Animal Crossing: City Folk - for Nintendo Wii (Released 2008)
The third localized main game in the franchise, known as Animal Crossing: City Folk or Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City depending on region, branches out by adding a city that can be visited. Many special characters like Gracie, Katrina, Dr. Shrunk and Redd gather there, allowing for easier access to them. Fashion also takes a step forward by allowing the changing of footwear and ability to wear a Mii mask. Nintendo discontinued WiFi support for this game in 2014.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World - for Nintendo DS (Released 2005)
The second localized main game in the franchise, Animal Crossing: Wild World, marks the first foray of the series into handhelds and WiFi. This resulted in the removal of a few features from the original, but also the introduction of many new items and collectibles, including pictures of the villagers and head accessories. Nintendo switched off WiFi support for this game in 2014.

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Animal Crossing - for Nintendo GameCube (Released 2002)
The first localized main game in the franchise, Animal Crossing (known later as Animal Crossing: GameCube), introduces a relaxed game that works in real time and offers numerous possibilities to occupy it. No matter where your interests lie, there is something to enjoy in the game: fishing, bug hunting, fossil collecting, befriending villagers, acquiring items, and even simply exploring. Additionally, connect a GameBoy Advance to access your own personal island or scan e-Reader cards to import additional content.

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Site Announcements
2/4/2020 7:25:16 PM
Animal Crossing New Horizons Console and Accessaries!
Nintendo has announced that we will be getting a New Horizons themed console! Done in pastel colors, it is a full size Switch. It is being offered as a pre-order at GameStop, Walmart and others.

Some stores are offering pre-order bonuses on the game itself. Two so far are BestBuy - has a phone badge and a $10 reward (gift card for future purchase). The phone badge is free for everyone and the $10 reward requires you to be a member (membership is free, it's just an account). While Target is including a journal.

There are two Wireless Controllers being offered, one with K.K. Slider at Amazon, Best Buy and Target. The other features Timmy and Tommy Nook at Amazon and Target.

To protect that new console you can buy an Aloha New Horizons case and screen protector at Target and Walmart.

These are but a few of the retailers who are offering the game, console and accessaries.

Get that wallet out!

1/6/2020 5:34:41 PM
New Media and Events SPT member!
We are very pleased to announce that sunmarsh will be joining the Media and Events SPT! With New Horizons arriving in less than 3 months we are looking forward to creating new events, Newsletters, and contests leading up to and following the release of New Horizons.

If you are interested in helping with the Media & Events SPT in any way, applications are open to everyone who would like to apply. The Media & Events SPT is involved with planning site events, contests, ACC's Newsletter, and/or social media affairs. Please send a PT that includes Devin2600, Dimentio95, kikicat and yankees24cano. In the PT please let them know what your interests are concerning those subjects and a few of your ideas for the future. We're always looking for new faces and ideas!
12/28/2019 3:02:46 PM
The 7th Issue of the ACC Newsletter is available!
The 7th Issue of the ACC Newsletter is available for your viewing pleasure!! You may see it and the previous volumes in this link There are many articles to read and enjoy.

Thanks to all the Media & Events SPT members, Staff members, and community members who made this issue a success.

If you are interested in helping with the future newsletters or other ACC events feel free to apply to the Media & Events Special Projects Team. Please send a PT with any suggestions and ideas and to the Team Leads: Devin2600, Dimentio95, kikicat, wakkitty, and yankees24cano.

10/26/2019 3:12:41 PM
Happy Spooktober, everyone!
It's that spooky time of year again! We hope you're ready for the next few days because we have lots planned for you! It wouldn't be Halloween without games and trick or treating and this year you don't even have to leave your house to get full effect!

We will also be hosting an in-game Trick or Treating session with ASUtown on October 27th and kikicat on October 29th and it's not too late to join! If you don't have Wi-Fi or any of the Animal Crossing games we have a fun forum game called Catch the Candy where you can earn prizes for catching the most candies!

You may join all the contests/games available and the more the merrier!

Trick or Treat Wifi Session
Musical Chairs
Bat Races
Catch the Candy
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Arena

We hope to see you around!

Also, have you heard of the ACC Noticeboard? Located on the left side of your screen under "ACC Community!" Give it a flag so you never miss a notice!

9/27/2019 7:38:41 PM
New Additions to the Media & Events SPT!
We are very pleased to announce that we are adding some new members to the Media & Events SPT! Thom96, MonkeyHannah, Sterew, StarlitGlitch, RiiOT09 and XxBabypeanutXx have all accepted invitations. With New Horizons coming in 6 months we are looking forward to what the SPT will have for us along with the Newsletter and current activities.

If you are interested in helping with the Media & Events SPT, applications are open to everyone who would like to apply. The Media & Events SPT is involved with planning site events, contests and/or social media affairs. Please send a PT that includes Devin2600, Dimentio95, kikicat and yankees24cano. In the PT please let them know what your interests are concerning those subjects and a few of your ideas for the future.
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