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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - for Nintendo 3DS
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the latest release in the series. Designed for the Nintendo 3DS console, the game features numerous changes and additions to the Animal Crossing format, as well as utilizing the best aspects of its predecessors.
Animal Crossing: City Folk - for Nintendo Wii
Animal Crossing: City Folk (Let's Go to the City) is the third game in the Animal Crossing series. It holds many new features, and also brings in other aspects found in its predecessors. Visit the city to shop, get a makeover, have your fortune told and acquire emotions. Back at town, different things happen everyday.
Animal Crossing: Wild World - for Nintendo DS
AC: Wild World is the second game in the franchise. Brand new features were introduced including many new items and collectibles.
Animal Crossing - for Nintendo Gamecube
AC:Gamecube is the first in the Animal Crossing series. Fishing, Bug Hunting, Fossil collecting, and even simply exploring, there's always something to do and find every day. Even when you're not playing, the game lives on day by day, just like real life. Check out the Trading boards to find other users to trade items with using ACC's own Trading Post.
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Site Announcements
4/2/2016 12:13:01 PM
What was real for April Fools' Day?
So, did you work out what was a prank yesterday, and what wasn't? Let's reveal what lay beneath some of the chaos that resulted from our oath, or maybe it was An Ode to Not Breaking ACC.

A new board called Schrödinger's Chat appeared with bizarre Board Rules and description: The Board Rules and description were both fake, but the board was a genuine board in disguise. It was meant to be a permanent feature for the Community with a regular name of Chit-Chat. However, upon reflection it was decided that Schrödinger's Chat, having kept AFD prank threads away from those who didn't wish to participate, would become a permanent April Fools' Day board available once a year. Therefore, this morning a brand new Chit-Chat board was created and it can be found here. Please read the Board Rules before posting on there.

The Spamming rule was updated: This was real. We needed to update it so that the Chit-Chat board could be used by Members.

A "Hit & Give" thread mentioned new Rule Threads and the Voice Your Opinion thread being locked: This is true. Voice Your Opinion will be locked. The Modmins feel that the thread seems to be a centre for arguments which often result in useful and helpful comments getting overlooked. Modmins also feel that the thread seems to focus on rule discussions and policy changes. In its place, suggestions for policy amendments or new policies should now be made on the Site Suggestions board, while Site Rules can be discussed on the individual rule threads soon™ to be found on the Site Features Queue board.

Stereotypes: Well done to anyone who figured out that the Staff and the SPT were in character. The Staff usergroups picked character themes related to stereotypes often brought up by the Community. In line with the stereotype, the Staff also had stick avatars.....

Stick Avatars: Some Members were quite taken with the stick avatars, and maybe we can get something done about that later in the year. The original stick avatar was created either by Jader or hoggle in the very early years of ACC, and remained in the ACC database. It was dusted off recently and used for the Mod avatar yesterday, but with the small addition of a banhammer. Using the original, more stick avatars were made to represent each Staff user group.

Talking of stereotypes and avatars, a thread was created outlining the roles of the SPT and Staff. It was done to poke fun at both groups, however the stick avatars at the bottom of the opening post were lined up and labelled in a particular order. Congratulations to anyone who figured that out and put it together.

If you didn't work it out, maybe you can try next year.

And talking of hidden things....

Coming Soon™ Banner on the home page: This seemed like a regular banner, but who amongst you spotted other images hiding in there?

An announcement about reversing permabans: Shock! Horror! Was this the most fake and obvious prank ever? Well, you might find that you were definitely pranked if you didn't believe us. It is true! We are considering requests for removing permabans, and have already lifted a permaban as a test case. It was discussion arising from that test case which led us to put in the proviso that a permaban reversal would be considered only if the permaban was done prior to 2012. The reason for choosing this particular year is because since 2012 the Site Rules have become increasingly relaxed. In fact, it is incredibly difficult to get permabanned by the Modmin team, and the more recent permabans have been issued because a Member has decided to deliberately act in a way that they know will result in a permaban.

Please note that permaban reversals are only up for review, and all we can promise is that each case will be considered. It isn't the case that every request will be successful.

I'd like to thank the awesome Staff and SPT teams who helped create the April Fools' Day fun either with their ideas, their coding or their participation. Of course, no April Fools' Day would be successful without the Members, and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who got involved yesterday. Apologies for any trauma that resulted. We're sure you'll recover in time for next year.

As usual, a thread has been created for you on the Site Support board, here, in case you wish to discuss, comment on, or query this announcement.

3/31/2016 7:41:04 PM
A new board, an updated rule, and a new policy.
Apologies for any interruptions to your browsing earlier, but update 1.8.0 was being deployed and took longer than expected. We are happy to announce that a few things have been added, but mostly we are pleased to tell you about a new board, an updated rule, and a new policy.

The new board is available only for April Fools' Day, and is a more relaxed board for topics that may be considered spam if posted on another public board on ACC. To ensure that the new board itself doesn't break any Site Rules, because that would be embarrassing, we've updated the Spamming Rule.

You can find the new board here. And no, I'm not pranking you with that link. The link doesn't work now but will be working when we unveil the board tomorrow. As before, please read the Board Rules before using the board. That link isn't a prank either, and also will work when the board is accessible.

In addition to the new board, the Modmins are pleased to announce a new policy of unbanning some previously permabanned Members. We haven't worked out all the details because, hey, we need at least 7 years to work out anything, but we have definitely, probably, decided to review some permabans issued before 2012. So, if you have friends that were banned prior to 2012, feel free to get them to email the Modmin team on support@animalcrossingcommunity.com and we will review their cases.

Have we lost our minds? Probably! Are we serious? Definitely! You don't believe us do you? What is it about it being a few hours away from the 1st of April which makes all of you so distrustful?

2/26/2016 4:12:24 PM
Two more Developers joining the Staff
We're pleased to announce the addition of two more people to the Staff team.

Both Dominus and Bobzco are joining us as Developers, and we wish them the best of luck with their work.

Please join us in congratulating them in this thread.
2/21/2016 12:38:20 PM
Please welcome the new Special Projects Team
We're pleased to welcome, and announce, the new Special Projects Team! The people joining the team are:


They will be dedicating themselves to completing new game guides and rewriting some of the existing ones.

The Special Projects Team will be working alongside the Researchers who already have around 10 New Leaf game guides in advanced stages. With the addition of the Special Projects Team we are excited to see how many more game guides can be added for the Community this year.

Please join us in this thread to congratulate the Members who make up the new Special Projects Team.
2/1/2016 7:05:46 AM
Update 1.7.0 is Live!
Update 1.7.0 is live and we're pleased to announce the changes listed below.

New Leaf Avatars - Firstly, we have the long awaited addition of New Leaf avatars. If you've been waiting to use some of the new villagers, now's your chance. One thing to note is that we are moving away from having Landscape Avatars, therefore you will find New Leaf avatars available only in the Custom Avatar section. To change your avatars, simply go to your profile, click on your own avatar, and you'll be taken to the avatar page.

Items List - In the left margin there is a section called Gameplay with several links. Four of the links are AC:NL Items, AC:CF Items, AC:WW Items and AC:GC Items. These links are supposed to lead to images of the items available in those respective games. It was noticed that the images being used on ACC for these in-game items were mainly images from the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. In order to add in the correct images for each game, we've had to remove the code that automatically showed the GC items. This means there are now many missing images but we'll be working on those in upcoming updates.

There was one error found in testing when using the Items List. Apparently this is a pre-existing error which will be fixed in another update. The error occurs sometimes when searching the Items List and pressing ''Enter'' on your keyboard. However, if you use the click on the ''Search'' button on the page you should avoid this error.

Some better news for the Items List is that you can now find images of Series 1 and Series 2 of the Happy Home Designer amiibo cards. You can access these via the amiibo Cards link in the Gameplay section of the left margin. In addition, the e-Reader Cards link, which previously led to all the GameCube items except the e-Reader Cards, now shows all the cards and their images.

My Catalog - This feature has undergone a few changes. Please be advised that in order to see these changes and to use the My Catalog feature for any game you must first have created a town in My Towns and a character in My Characters for the applicable games. Both are accessible via links in the My ACC section in the left margin. To access the new features added today you will need a GameCube town and character, and a Happy Home Designer town and character.

The changes made in the My Catalog feature are as follows.

For GameCube catalogues, e-Reader cards have been re-added. Until now, you were able to trade e-Reader cards on the Trading Post but only if you had added them to the My Catalog section before they were removed a few years ago. The new update shows the e-reader cards in your GameCube catalogue and allows others to see what is available for trading.

For both e-Reader cards and amiibo cards, the catalogue now has the option to show which duplicates you have, which is highly useful if you are wishing to trade the duplicates. In the My Catalog page, choose either a GameCube character or a Happy Home Designer character and click on the Edit link located in the right of the blue bar above the item categories. Then click on the e-Reader or amiibo series you wish to edit, and scroll down to Section 2 where you will see the option of marking cards as multiples. This allows others to see which cards you have for trade.  

Since both amiibo cards and e-Reader cards are not attached to an in-game character, and are instead real world items, the addition of both types of cards to the catalogue section are not tied to an in-game character either. So, all of your GameCube characters will show the same e-Reader catalogue, and all of your Happy Home Designer characters will show the same amiibo card catalogue.

Trading Post - With the re-addition of the e-Reader cards to My Catalog, you can now use the Trading Post in order to trade them. If you are unsure about how this process works, check out the Trading Guide. If you still have questions, you can post them on the Help with Trading Sticky. As a reminder, only those users aged 16 and above should be exchanging e-Reader cards, and mailing addresses should be shared via a private thread.

Unfortunately the Trading Post does not currently support the trading of amiibo cards. These trades must still be carried out by exchanging mailing addresses via a private thread, and only by those aged 16 and above. We hope to add full amiibo card trading capability to the Trading Post in a future update.

My Buddies - The My Buddies page has had a minor change. Previously there were two buttons at the bottom of the page: ''Invite Selected Users to Private Thread'' and  ''Remove Selected Buddies''. These buttons remain but a second set has been added to the top of the page.

Game Guides Board - As already announced we will soon be adding a new Special Projects Team to work exclusively on existing and new Game Guides. To this end, we required a board for them to work and this was added today. With the board in place the invites will also soon go out. However, the Staff have not been sitting idly by and there are a handful of guides in queue to be released in the next few updates.

Talking of future updates, we are hoping that a few more may be released later this week or next week, and this is likely to include the highly desired name change feature. More information will be posted on the Project Reboot - Updates 2016 thread on the ACC Noticeboard.

For Update 1.7.0, let us know if you have any questions or technical issues by posting on this thread on the Site Support board.


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